Soho Sanctuary


Mid-Week Special Pricing

Book your appointment from 10am to 3pm on Tuesday through Thursday and receive 15% off Signature Massages and Signature Facials.

Massage of the Month: November - Reflexology

Pathways through the nervous system that correspond to the body are stimulated through specific pressure points on your feet, resulting in increased circulation and reduced stress.

$85 / $150    60 minutes / 90 minutes

Seasonal Facial: Rejuvenation Deluxe Facial

This exclusive 90-minute treatment incorporates an enzyme peel, toning mask, and 02 blast to regenerate skin and repair the skin after the summer's harsh sun.

AddAd Hydrate and moisturize your skin this summer with the 90 minute Soho O2 facial. After cleansing the skin, an algae radiance peel off mask is applied to make skin more youthful and rejuvenated. Using effective moisturizers and serums from the Luzern skincare line, skin will feel plumper and supple.

$215   90 minutes

Seasonal Scrub: Chamomile and Lavender Detox Scrub

Our 90-minute scrub was chosen to inspire focus this fall. Lavender and chamomile are blended together by skilled therapists to support energetic centering and stress reduction.

$230     90 minutes

Autumn Bridal Special

Are you an Autumn Bride? Soho Sanctuary's Bridal Bouquets will make the bride look fit and fabulous! Try our Facial Bouquets- Three signature facials each with a complimentary oxygen blast and brow clean up.


Blowouts are Back!

Enjoy a blowout after any service in our serene Beauty Loft. Prices vary based on hair style and length. Please ask a GSR for more details and to book.

$35 and up


Seasonal Mani and Pedi: Calming Camomile and Lavender

Join us in our Beauty Loft to experience the calming blend of chamomile and lavender as it is expertly used. Your  feet will feel bliss with a warm foot compress infused with warm lemon, lemongrass bath essence.

$45 mani / $75 pedi      45 minutes / 60 minutes


Get Fit to Reduce Stress

Purchase a series of 20 fitness sessions and receive a seasonal manicure and pedicure free!