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Spa Treatments

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A combination of Swedish techniques and acupressure to ease tension, smooth away stress, stimulate circulation, and encourage your body's natural healing ability.

$145     60 minutes


Soothe your body and your senses with this incredibly healing treatment using therapeutic grade essential oils of your choice. The massage includes a warm sage foot wrap and a combination of Swedish and Acupressure techniques.

$155    60 minutes

Deep Tissue

Select therapists trained in specialized techniques will apply hot therapy used in conjunction with deep pressure to relax the body and alleviate chronic patterns of pain and tension.

$155     60 minutes

Hot Stone

Heated smooth stones are used to create a sense of positive energy flow and deep relaxation to melt away your tension and stress.

$155     60 minutes

Hot Towel Massage

Aromatic and soothing hot towels are incorporated into a relaxing massage to nurture and nourish your body.

$155    60 minutes

Sports Massage

Our trained therapist concentrates on a specific area or muscle to relieve chronic pain or restricted range of motion due to injuries or sports related activity.

Pre-Event Sports Massage (30 min) is recommended for up to 3 days prior. This type of massage consists of jostling and vigorous strokes to muscles to help increase circulation and elasticity in preparation for the race/event.

Post-Event Sports Massage (30 min) is recommended for up 24 hours after event. Soothing long strokes help to release muscles to reduce cramps and injuries.

$155     60 minutes


This Japanese massage technique focuses on stimulating pressure points to release blocked energy along specific pathways of the body. This treatment will increase your energy and awareness, reduce stress, and restore balance in your body.

*Performed traditional style (on a floor mat) while wearing your own loose fitting clothes.

$155      60 minutes


A restorative Thai technique that combines passive yoga stretches, massage, and acupressure to increase range of motion and help the body return to a state of balance. Stretching movements, breathing methods, and pressure point work results in a relaxing yet revitalizing treatment. New energy will flow more easily through the body and leave you feeling rejuvenated. An experience not to be missed!

*Performed traditional style (on a floor mat) while wearing your own loose fitting clothes.

$155 / $230 60 minutes / 90 minutes


Pathways through the nervous system that correspond to the functions of your body are stimulated through specific pressure points on your feet, resulting in increased circulation and reduced stress.

$155     60 minutes



Aromatherapy Infused Steam

Bask in the aromatherapy infused steam room before or after a treatment to help eliminate toxins, impurities, reduce cellulite and for overall health and wellness. Less than 15 minutes will instantly lift your mood and place you in a relaxed state of mind. This Autumn, our steam room is infused with Lavender essential oil.

Complimentary to all our Spa and Fitness guests.

To get the most of your massage at Soho Sanctuary, we invite you to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment to use our aromatherapy-infused steam room, drink plenty of water and relax while you await your journey to relaxation and wellness. This is your time. Cherish it.