Soho Sanctuary

Spa Treatments

Please take note:

For all expectant mothers, you must at least be in your second trimester( 12 weeks or more) to receive our Pre- Natal Massage services.


Purifying Signature Facial

Allow one of our expert estheticians to customize the perfect facial to bring out your baby growing glowing skin.

$150     60 minutes

Purifying Deluxe Facial

Our Purifying Signature Facial plus an additional soothing mask for re-balancing and gentle lymphatic stimulation to release toxins beneath the skin. A gentle scalp, neck, shoulder, arm, hand and foot massage is included for extra pampering for moms-to-be.

$225     90 minutes

Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment

Far more than a facial, this luxurious treatment using exclusively Dr. Hauschka products, begins with a soothing sage foot soak including a light massage of legs and feet. Rhythmic strokes and pure healing products stimulate skin to support radiance and balance. The ultimate facial for moms-to-be and new moms, too.

$285     120 minutes

Mama Massage (Pre Natal)

Relax lower back muscles and feet with Mama Mio's O•Mega™ massage oil. A customized relaxation for your comfort. .

$165 / $240     60 minutes / 90 minutes

New Mama Massage (Post-Natal)

A relaxing and restorative massage using Mama Mio's Omega rich skincare to realign body, reduce stretch marks, and to pamper the new mom.

$165 / $240     60 minutes / 90 minutes

Body Buff

A gentle alternative to harsh scrubs, this effective body exfoliator sweeps away the old to reveal fresh, new skin.

$170 / $240      60 minutes / 90 minutes

Baby Moon Deluxe Package

A perfect gift for a new mother's journey. Combines a Maternity Facial, Massage, and Feet (& Legs) Relief for the ultimate day in relaxation and bliss.



In-the-Buff Manicure & Pedicure

If you think you always need polish to make your nails look great, think again. Well-groomed, well-buffed nails are every bit as elegant and chic. Our buffing manicure and pedicure includes filing, cuticle care, scrub, and a relaxing massage.

$50 / $70 

 Feet (& Legs!) Relief (In the Beauty Loft)

An aromatherapy hot towel wrap, moisture-rich exfoliation, and a massage for lower legs and feet will help with sluggish circulation, water retention and the tiring effects of pregnancy. Includes a head and neck massage while to relax you from head to toe.


Pre and Post Natal Fitness

Soho Sanctuary's instructors are pre and post natal certified. A safe adn effective program will be designed especially for you during pregnancy and after to restore, tone, and increase energy. Offered in the following modalities:

-Gyrotonic     -Pilates     - Personal Power      - Soho Yoga      -Ballet Body      - Gyrokinesis

Email for more information and to book your complimentary consultation.

When booking your appointment, please note....

You must at least be in your second trimester to receive a Pre-Natal Treatment. Only our Pre-Natal treatments and our facials are recommended for expectant mothers. The steam room is not recommended.

It's important that you feel comfortable and adequately supported by bolsters and pillows during your massage. Please let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable at any time during your treatment.

To get the most of your treatment at Soho Sanctuary, arrive 30 minutes early so you have time to relax and remember to drink plenty of water. This is your time.