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Spa Treatments
Spa Treatments
Spa Treatments

y and followed by an application of Ytsara's Energizing oil.  Perfect addition to your detox regimen or cleanse.

Organic Herbal Scrub

An invigorating body smoother using a blend of salt, sugar, and essential oils to gently re-mineralize and exfoliate dry skin revealing a new healthy layer. An application of oil follows the scrub, leaving your body feeling deeply cleansed, soft and smooth.

$175 / $245     60 minutes / 90 minutes   

Detoxifying Moor Mud Wrap

This decadent service begins with body brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system. You will then be gently painted with warm, mineral rich, detoxifying mud from neck to toe and wrapped in a comforting thermal blanket to eliminate toxins. A 60 minute Sanctuary Signature massage concludes your treatment. 

$270     120 minutes


Indulge yourself in the pleasures of this Thai spa treatment beginning with an ultra moisturizing body scrub made with cucumber, tea tree oil, and corn. Next a detoxifying body mask is applied to the body followed by a warming aromatherapy massage using cinnamon and pepper essential oils to breakdown cellulite and flush toxins from the body. You will emerge with renewed health and a smoother silhouette.

$270     120 minutes

*Add a 60-minute massage to any 60-minute body treatment for an additional $120.

Aromatherapy Infused Steam

Bask in the aromatherapy infused steam room before or after a treatment to help eliminate toxins, impurities, reduce cellulite and for overall health and wellness. Less than 15 minutes will instantly lift your mood and place you in a relaxed state of mind.

Complimentary to our Spa & Fitness Studio guests.

To get the most of your massage at Soho Sanctuary, we suggest arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment to use our aromatherapy-infused steam room, drink plenty of water and relax while you await your journey to relaxation and wellness. This is your time. Cherish it.